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History of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui

 Dr. Aafia Siddiqui

Aafia Siddiqui was Born 2 March 1972. Aafia Siddiqui was born in Pakistan. She belong to a Muslim family. She is a Pakistani neuroscientist from MIT. She is serving an 86 year Punishment at the Federal Medical Center  Cars well. She get a degree in neuroscience from Brandeis University in 2001 of United States. She come back to Pakistan in two time only for a short time the 9/11 attacks and in 2003 during the war in Afghanistan. After his arrest Khalid Sheikh Muhammad named her a financier for Al Qaeda. she was placed on the FBI for Information about Al Qaeda. She is the first women that placed name in terrorist's list. At this time she and her three sons were kidnapped in Pakistan.
After Five years  she appeared in Ghazni city of  Afghanistan. So she was arrested by Afghanistan  Police and FBI held for questioning. In custody Aafia Siddiqui told the FBI she gone hiding and stated. Supporters thought she was arrested  at Bagram Air Force Base as a ghost prisoner and charges the United States government denies.

 The second day in custody, she shot at visiting FBI and Army personnel. one of the interrogators had placed his feet on the floor. She was shot in the head. She was  send to hospital and treated him. September 2008. she was charges of attempted murder of a soldier of American Police in the police station of Ghazni. On 3 February 2010 she was convicted. May 2004, the FBI called Aafia Siddiqui as one of its seven Most Wanted Terrorists. After her arrest, the Afghan police telling she was carrying in her purse a computer thumb drive to the method of making  bombs and weapons of destruction.

Family And His Life:

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui was born in Pakistan Karachi. Muhammad Salay Siddiqui a British trained neurosurgeon and Islamic teacher. She belongs to the Muhajir Deobandi community of Karachi. She was raised in an Muslim household. Ismet Siddiqui was appeared in political and religious circles. she was teaching classes on Islam. she lived founding a United Islamic Organization and serving as a member of Pakistani parliament. Her support for strict Islam in the face of drew the attention of General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq who appointed her to a Zakat Council. Aafia Siddiqui is the youngest of three sister and brothers. Her brother Muhammad studied to become an Architect in Texas. Others  her sister Fowzia is a Harvard-trained neurologist. who is worked at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore.

Undergraduate Eduucation:

 Aafia Siddiqui moved to America on a student visa in 1990. She attended the University of Houston.She avoid movies, novels and television except for the news. Later three semesters, she transferred to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.She returned to Pakistan for  interview of architects of the Islamization and the Hudood Laws, including Taqi Usmani, the adviser to her family. As a junior, she received a 1200 dollar City Days fellowship through MIT's program to help clean up Cambridge school playgrounds. she initially had a triple major in biology and archaeology at MIT. she graduated with a BS in biology in 1995.Aafia to al-Kifah showed no sign of dimming. when the connection between Jersey City branch and the World Trade Center bombing became show.  closing her email with a quote from the Quran warning Muslims not to make Jews and Christians as friends. She wrote three guides for teaching Islam and expressing the hope in one that our humble effort continues and more and more people come to the Allah. until US becomes a Muslim land.She also took a training os a pistol of 12 hours.

Arrested in Afghanistan

In the evening of 17 July 2008 a woman was approach by Ghazni police officers in the city of Ghazni outside the Ghazni governor compound. Previously a shopkeeper had noticed a woman in a burqa making a map which is suspicious in Afghanistan where women are generally illiterate.There had  been a report that a Pakistani lady and a boy traveling in Afghanistan saying women to volunteer for suicide. She was accompanied by a young boy. She said her name was Saliha and coming from Pakistan and that the boy name was Ali Hassan. She told to the police she was searching for her husband and needed no help and started to walk away. She was arrested. Officer taken to the police station for questioning. She claimed the boy was her stepson.
In a bag she was carrying the police found a number of documents in English and Urdu how to make explosives chemical weapons,bombs,and radiological agents and handwritten notes referring to a mass casualty attack that listed various US locations and landmarks according to her indictment. She had documents about American military bases excerpts from a bombmaking manual media storage device that contained over 500 electronic documents maps of Ghazni and the governor's compoundsmosques and photos of members of the Pakistani military.


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