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History Of Tipu Sultan Jobs Ostad

Rockets made by Tipu Sultan fell on the British in a fit of rage.

After the death of Sultan Haider Ali, his worthy son, Tipu Sultan, ascended the throne. Will take out
After the defeat of the United States in the War of Independence, Lord Carnival was sent to India, where he reorganized with British troops and traitorous seals. The case was a prelude to the Third Battle of Mysore.
History Of Tipu Sultan Jobs Ostad
History Of Tipu Sultan Jobs Ostad

Third Battle of Mysore 1790,

In this war, Tipu Sultan was on one side and the British, Nizam and Marhats on the other side. Tipu was forced to reconcile.

Diplomacy of Tipu Sultan,

Tipu Sultan knew that India's dream of independence could not be embarrassed without the final defeat of the British in the war. After the Third Mysore War, Tipu Sultan intensified his diplomatic campaign. Page 51 Prof. Nigar Sajjad Zaheer) Tipu Sultan had established relations with the King of Afghanistan, and it is speculated that the King of Afghanistan Shah Zaman came to Lahore in 1795 in the Bombay Army.
The reason for entering India was to put pressure on the British but behind it his brother Shah Mehmood revolted, and Shah Afghanistan had to return - the British had the support of the system and the Marhats anyway, Tipu Sultan the third of Mysore He also established contacts with the Ottoman Caliphate in Turkey before the war. The British author John Keay's book mentions various diplomatic missions sent by Tipu Sultan from page 397 of his book India a History. Get between 400.
 The author goes on to say that there is no doubt that Napoleon who came to Egypt had ideas about India and was in contact with Ile de Bourbon, a French commander in the Indian Ocean.
Professor Nigar Sajjad Zaheer's writing hints at why timely help from Napoleon or the Ottoman Empire was not forthcoming. It was a strange time. On the one hand, the Ottoman Empire was at war with Russia, the Ottoman Empire had to unite with Britain and other European countries, perhaps time was not the issue. Writing about the organizations, the espionage system was so high that the correspondence between Tipu Sultan and Napoleon got all the information due to the noble Mecca and if this campaign flourished, perhaps the history of the region would be different. Would be written

Tipu Sultan as the father of rocket sciences,

History Of Tipu Sultan Jobs Ostad
History Of Tipu Sultan Jobs Ostad

Tipu Sultan did not just wait for the French or other external force, he tried to make the best of his invention the Mysorean rocket, which is said to be multiplied by two miles at that time - the second and third Mysore. In wars where Haider Ali's tactics disturbed the British, Tipu's rockets fell on the British and their allies.

The Fourth Battle of Mysore,

In 1799, Lord Marquess Wellesley was appointed Governor-General, and history has shown that Tipu's good relations with the French were a source of great concern to the British camp. Lord Wesley was incensed at Tipu's proximity to the French, and troops on both sides marched on Mysore, one via Karnataka and the other via Bombay (now Mumbai).
Sadly, the Deccan system also sent troops to help the British, led by Arthur Weasley, the brother of Governor General Weasley, who later became known as the Duke of Wellington.

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