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John Elia Poet of Unique Style

John Elia Poet of Unique Style:

John Elia Poet of Unique Style
John Elia Poet of Unique Style

Prominent Poet of Urdu Literature Prose Writer Syed Jun Asghar alias John Elia Amroha India Born in the house of Allama Shafiq Hassan Elia - Shafiq Hassan Elia was a great scholar and astronomer of his time - John received his early education from his father - John Elia Urdu Arabic He was fluent in Persian and Hebrew. John Elijah began his literary career as a poet at the age of eight.
I have eaten his slaps in tea
Look at the headlines on my face

According to him, it was an accident - John Elia is a unique poet of his style. His poetry has both classical and modern color.

His poetry is full of melancholy, satire, intensity, emotion, inwardness, externality, sexuality and revolution - he was a great poet but he was also the end of his own accent. When writing, the words would be tied hand in hand and the lyrics would be composed from the mesra to the ghazals. Had he been present in the mushaira, he would have entered the hearts of the listeners in his own special way, as if the mushaira would have been incomplete without June. Dadu Tehseen would always be his destiny if he recited poetry. What a beautiful lion.
Why doesn't it bother me?
There was only one person in the world

What is said is love is eternal
See you last time
For his perfection, for his perfection
The condition of the heart was worse and worse

We were proud of his hope that you
Live age live age

How charming you are, how charming I am
What a pity that we people will die

Whether it was ghazal or poetry genre, he was well acquainted with all genres of poetry. He could write with difficulty, he was also aware of the difficulties of easy writing. Whether it's a rhyme or a rhyme, or a metaphor, or a metaphor, or a metaphor, the art of combining words is as perfect as a ring attached to a ring. He started writing prose with translations of books as well as essays which are available in his book Farnood. The texture of the words in his writing dazzles the eyes, shining like the wedding dress of a bride wearing the stove of reality. It forces the reader to read without being caught up in its magic. His prose is in no way inferior to that of Muhammad Hussain Azad and Abul Kalam Azad. are present. This blood-spitting life of June causes the failure of their married life, then they take a bitter sip of sadness.
In this continuous night of separation
The blood has been spit out

John Elias used to create life in poetry with his poetry. In his unique style, he used to receive praise from the audience and at the same time he used to cover his heart. How beautifully June used to express her heartbreak in her poems.
Speak to Dad
Get tired of the magic

What about your cell here?
Blood spat in mischief

I am a skilled painter
Blood is spit out

What is the color of your beauty?
We salivate with blood

The kind of poet John was. To understand this we need to understand their intellectual discipline. In which he used to say poetry. For example, understanding the syntax of words. It is important to understand the knowledge behind it that John was familiar with. That is why our lack of knowledge is driving us away from June. We need to read June and understand her art. When we truly understand June, the popularity of June will increase even more because the few sparkles that his blood-spitting life has given to his poetry are enough to enrich the literary life of any critic.
June was a being who lived life to its fullest. He was a representative of all aspects of life - emotion, excitement, vanity, revolution. As the red color of truth becomes the ornament of history, so the poetry of June is shining.
June's personality can only be described in June's paragraph.
This is coercion, not coincidence
June is no joke

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